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Blog: Whale tales

Paul Chai journeyed up the NSW coastline during the 2012 whale migrating season. Recount his trip.


Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife

The Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife aims to help save the environment.

The Foundation's mission is to care for Australia's native plants, animals and cultural heritage through environmental education and conservation projects.

The Foundation achieves this by purchasing land for conservation, funding threatened species research, undertaking recovery actions and involving the community in the conservation of Australia's natural and cultural heritage.

The Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-controversial, totally apolitical and independent organisation. It works closely with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service on a range of strategies and programs.

Over the last 30 years the Foundation has undertaken the following activities:

    * Purchased over 350,000 hectares of habitat and places of natural beauty for 26 national parks and nature reserves
    * Recovery and research for more than 32 threatened species of birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians and plants, many of which were saved from extinction.
    * Cultural heritage conservation for more than ten Aboriginal and European historical sites, including Fort Denison and Hill End.
    * Education and awareness raising for schools and the wider community.
    * Walking tracks, viewing platforms, interpretive signage and disabled access projects in many national parks.

The Foundation does not commit funds to lobbying or political campaigning. It directs all available resources to achieving tangible conservation results where immediate help is needed. The Foundation only funds projects:

    * that are based on scientific research and methods
    * achieve a tangible conservation outcome through protecting threatened plant and animal species, or
    * help educate our community about the environment.

Help save the whales through the Foundation's whale research and conservation projects.

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