Narrabeen Head Aquatic Reserve



Narrabeen Headland is a popular spot for Pittwater locals to take their walks and strolls, but not only is it aesthecially pleasing, but also home for a number of threatened and significant fauna species.  Elusive threatened species and populations like the Black cod, Australian Grayling, seahorses and even the Eastern Blue Devilfish have been spotted in the nearby area.

Prior to European settlement, the Guringai inhabited the local foreshores and headlands. This area would have provided an abundance of both shellfish and fish as well as bush foods, including fruits, nuts, seeds, leaves, roots, bulbs, honey, nectar and insect grubs.  A number of shelter caves, art sites, axe grooves and middens can still be spotted nearby.

Top experiences nearby

  • Have a look at the nearby Narrabeen Lagoon - a completely different ecosystem can be found here!


No park fees apply

How to get there

25km north of Sydney, Narrabeen Head is only a short walk from the car parking facilities off Narrabeen Road.

  • NSW Government
  • National Parks & Wildlife Service NSW