Boat Harbour Aquatic Reserve


Rock platforms at Kurnell

Neighbouring Cronulla Beach, the Boat Harbour Aquatic Reserve reaches out and encompasses all of The Merries Reef.  Known locally for its plethora of marine life, the reef also has the geographical advantage of being relatively sheltered from southerly winds.

Situated on the southern-most point of the Kurnell Peninsula, the rock pools at the Boat Harbour Aquatic Reserve are home to limpets, periwinkle snails, honeycomb barnacles and all sorts of other organisms, which in turn, attracts a wide range of migratory and local birdlife.

Top experiences nearby

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No park fees apply.

How to get there

Four wheel drive access from Cronulla beach brings you right up to the edge of the aquatic reserve, otherwise parking can be found on Sir Joseph Banks Drive.  Cronulla is 35 km south of Sydney City, and can be reached by the Princes Highway or Southern Cross Drive.

  • NSW Government
  • National Parks & Wildlife Service NSW