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Eden marks death of Old Tom

[20 September, 2010] Last Friday marked the passing of Old Tom, a killer whale which led the pod of whales which visited Twofold Bay in Eden nearly every...read more

Dead whale removed from Lake Arragan

[12 August, 2010] An 11.5 metre humpback whale was removed from Lake Arragan and buried in the dunes today after it had washed into the Lake on the recent...read more

Sydney winter count reaches 1824

[August 3, 2010] Whale watching volunteers have wrapped up another successful year of whale counts, with more than more than 1824 humpbacks counted off...read more

International Whale News

Humpback breaks record for migration

[19 October, 2010] The world record for oceanic migrational travel by any mammal has just been broken by a lone female humpback whale, after she was recorded...read more

Plankton decline linked to rising temps

[30 July, 2010] Recent decline in the amount of phytoplankton has now been linked to rising temperatures in our oceans, after results from a three-year study...read more

Bowhead whales sniff out "boiled cabbage" prey

[23 July, 2010] Scientists have recently discovered that bowhead whales are able to take in scents in order to track down krill - which apparently smell like...read more

Marine Blog


  Platypus Cowry Cowry, which is sometimes spelled as 'cowrie' with the plural being 'cowries', is the common name for a group of small to large marine...read more

Know your approach zones

  Southern right whale mum and calf Hey guys, This year has been absolutely amazing for whales and seals in NSW (in fact the whole east coast has had a...read more

Eastern Blue Devil Fish

  Eastern Blue Devilfish The Eastern Blue Devil Fish (Paraplesiops bleekeri) is also known as the Bleeker's Blue Devil Fish and is one of the most...read more

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