Australia is quite privileged when it comes to whales – over 50% of the world’s cetaceans are found in Australian waters. According to recent estimates at least 45 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises visit or live permanently in Australia, including nine baleen whales and 36 toothed whales species and with all the whales cruising along the NSW coastline, you can see we call it New South W(h)ales for a reason!

The number of whale species found in Australia could even increase. Ongoing research, may identify new species based on genetic information. A recent example of this is the Australian snubfin dolphin (orcaella heinsohn), which was classified as a new species endemic to the Australian region in 2005.

Whale distribution in Australia varies widely. Some species, like the orca, are widespread and found in all waters, while other species such as some beaked whales are much more elusive. In fact some whales are so elusive that the only information we have about them comes from when they become stranded.