Join the whales as they migrate along the NSW coastline and learn about these gentle animals that have graced the planet for over 50 million years. They are present in all oceans of the world and capture our imagination like few other animals.

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Whale migration

Whales meet their need for food and suitable calving areas by traveling long distances from cold feeding areas, to warm, shallower waters for calving and mating. Find out more about whale migration in Australian waters.

Whale life cycle

Much is still unknown about the life histories of these majestic creatures, but scientists have made quite accurate estimations in regards to more common species. Like many mammals, these cetaceans go through ‘baby’ and ‘adolescent’ periods before reaching full maturity.

Find out more about whales and their life cycles.

Whale research

Recent research has shown that dolphins are second only to humans in intelligence. The degree of intelligence of other cetaceans, such as whales and porpoises, has not yet been determined. However, their sophisticated behaviour and ability to learn suggest they have a capacity for complex thinking.

Find out more about other Australian whale research projects.