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Broughton Island campground in Myall Lakes National Park

Little Poverty Beach campground on Broughton Island is the only place in NSW where you can camp among an active seabird colony. Imagine being surrounded by wedge-tailed shearwaters while keeping an eye out for migrating whales.

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Where: Broughton Island campground in Myall Lakes National Park

Camping at Little Poverty Beach is a truly special experience. Located on Broughton Island, you'll be camping amongst an active seabird colony- it’s a key breeding site for wedge-tailed shearwaters.

There are plenty of opportunities for water activities, including swimming, fishing, boating, snorkelling and scuba diving. You’ll find sandy beaches within Esmeralda Cove.

With only five campsites, you’ll feel like you own the island. The campground is fairly basic, so you’ll have to bring all your equipment and supplies with you, including water. You must book and pre-pay for a campsite prior to arriving at the island.


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