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Top tips for capturing the perfect whale or coastal adventure photo – with Mark Seabury

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Humpabck whale tail off Sydney. Photo: Mark Seabury

Entering the Wild About Whales Facebook competition and looking for some professional advice to create that beautiful, competition winning photo? Check out our top tips to catch the perfect image from award winning professional photographer; Mark Seabury.

Mark’s top tips on capturing wonderful whales

  1. Know your whales. Study their behaviour and spend lots of time on the water. Patience and perseverance is the key to a great photo.
  2. Keep a dry cloth handy to wipe down your camera; it will be prone to the salt spray and could ruin your perfect image.
  3. Choose a fast shutter speed (above 800/sec) to freeze the action.
  4. If photographing from a boat, calm ocean conditions offer the best chance to crack a good image. Remember to obey the safe approach distances, they are in place to protect both you and the whales.
  5. Watch the whales behaviour and try to predict when they will surface, with your finger ready on the shutter, be ready and prepared for anything!
  6. Don't forget to pack a spare memory card and battery.

A bit more about Mark Seabury

With an early passion for surfing and the ocean, Mark Seabury grew up surfing the best of Sydney's Northern Beaches. In his early 20s, Mark travelled extensively as a surfer and started doing photography work throughout his travels in Indonesia. This hobby soon evolved into an obsession with Mark photographing anything from whale and wildlife shots, to people, events, places and everything in between.

Mark has won numerous awards for his whale and underwater photography, and his iconic shot of a whale breaching in front of the Sydney skyline was recently featured on the front cover of the Wentworth Courier.

Mark’s dedication to developing and perfecting his photography techniques, combined with his unique vision for capturing iconic moments, drive his passion for photography in all areas.

Mark lives in Sydney and works as a freelance photographer. Check out his website for a gallery of beautiful shots and more details: markseabury.com.au.

Facebook: Mark Seabury Photography Instagram: @markseabury

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