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Gillards Beach, Mimosa Rocks National Park

It's all in the name – the Sapphire Coast. It really is a gorgeous stretch of coastline with deep blue sparkling waters. Calm beaches, rainforests, and a lovely mountain backdrop make this region beautiful to explore. Stretching from just north of Bega right down past Eden and almost to the border with Victoria, this is a region full of places just waiting to be explored including some stunning national parks.

The national parks of the Sapphire Coast begin at Gulaga National Park just north of Bega , and include the interesting rock formations at Mimosa Rocks National Park, historic whaling sites in Eden right down to gorgeous scenery and heritage sites at Ben Boyd National Park.

The Sapphire Coast is wonderful for whale watching at this time of year, but there's so much more to see and do. Here's just a taste:

Amazing views

In Gulaga National Park, Mount Dromaderry and the surrounding landscape have great spiritual significance to local Aboriginal people, the Yuin people. Walk up the old mining access roads and enjoy views out over the coastal lakes.

At Mount Imlay National Park you can venture off and walk to the summit on the Mount Imlay Summit walking track. You'll enjoy bird watching along the way and incredible filtered coastal views form the top.


In the Mimosa Rocks National Park there are several great walks including the Mimosa Rocks Walking Track which includes a wheelchair accessible boardwalk, and is an easy one for children. The boardwalk crosses over the largest Aboriginal midden in the park and you can read about the history and significance along the way. You'll also be rewarded with dramatic views over the rocks from the lookout.

Another great walk in this park is the Wajurda Point walking track which offers exceptional views of the sapphire coloured ocean. You can see as far as Nelson Beach, across to Baronda Head and Mimosa Rocs all backed by Mumbulla Mountain and Gulaga (Mount Dromaderry) in the distance.

In Ben Boyd National Park take the Boyds Tower walking track which is a gentle walking track and boardwalk around the imposing Boyds Tower – you can learn more about the historic tower which was built by eccentric entrepreneur Benjamin Boyd.

And for a longer, more challenging walk go for the Light to Light Walk. This can be done in sections, or as a multi day hike which hugs the coastline between historic Boyds Tower and Green Cape Light station. It has been voted as one of the best walks on the far south coast of NSW.

Historic sites

Head to the Davidson Whaling Station Historic Site on the shores of the Kiah Inlet at Twofold Bay in Eden. Located within Ben Boyd National Park, the station was the longest operating shore-based whaling station in Australia and the last of its type to close down. Protected today as a historic site, the station will give you a unique insight into the lives and industry of the 19th century whalers.

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