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Krilling it: how to get the most out of the Wild About Whales app

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Wild About Whales app

The Wild About Whales app is a unique and interactive way to get the most out of the whale watching season. Not only can you help others track whale migration by logging your own sightings, you can also utilise these four features to maximise your chances of spotting whales.

1. Receive notifications when whales are in your area

Never miss a whale watching opportunity by setting up real-time notifications whenever somebody logs a whale sighting in your region. To switch on this awesome feature, tap the life saver icon in the top left corner of the app to see the Options page. Then under ‘Settings’ select ‘Set and filter whale sighting alerts’. Simply select the region (or regions) you wish to receive notifications for, then click ‘Save’. Presto!

2. Filter sightings by time period

Find out how many whales have been sighted today, yesterday, in the past 7 days, the past month or the whole year by adjusting the app’s time period. To do this, select the ‘Menu’ icon (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner of the app and choose which time period you would like to see.

This setting is particularly useful if you’re planning a whale watching getaway and want to see where there has been the most activity before choosing a destination.

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3. View sightings as a list

If you prefer, you can switch to see logged sightings as a list instead of as icons on the map. This option is on the bottom row of the ‘Menu’ icon. You can then easily see the species and location of whale sightings. Select ‘Map view’ if you want to switch back to the original view.

4. View vantage points near you

This handy feature is perfect if you’re enjoying a coastal getaway and want to find the closest whale watching vantage points, or even simply if you’re curious about which vantage points are close to home. To see vantage points near you, select the ‘Vantage points’ view at the top of the app, then select the compass icon in the middle-right hand side. This will zoom in the app to show your current location and allow you to select vantage points nearby. (Note: you may need to enable the app to access your GPS location in your phone’s settings. You can switch this off at any time.)

You can also use the compass icon to zoom in on your current location in the ‘sightings’ and ‘tours’ viewing options, making it easier to see whale sightings and tour operators closest to you.

Download the Wild About Whales app now.

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