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How to make the most of your whale pics!

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Breaching humpback whale, Montague Island Nature Reserve. Photo: S.Cohen/OEH

Every year, the eastern coast of NSW (and Australia) is treated to one of nature’s most beautiful events – the annual whale migration…

These impressive cetaceans cruise for thousands of kilometres up and down the Australian eastern sea-border from their food sources in the colder waters of the southern ocean, up to the warmer waters off north-east Australia to provide the best possible outcome for their newborn calves.

And Australians love them! We flock in our thousands to get a glimpse of these majestic marine creatures as they dazzle us with their mind boggling breaches of the ocean’s surface, their humble interactions with other species and their inspiring displays of parenthood – protecting and teaching their offspring about life.

Many of us have captured some great images of whales as they migrate along our coastlines, but what are some great tips in capturing that spectacular whale image that you can share with the world?

Top Ten Tips On Photographing Whales

Timeless11 has put together a brilliant top ten list of how to best photograph whales as they migrate across the Australian coastline – tips that will help elevate some of your images to the professional platforms – including usage by media!

Whales reside, feed and breed within protected areas across the planet – sanctuaries where they can do what they do best – being a whale!

Join The World Parks Congress Photography Competition And Win!

This year, the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, in addition to Parks Australia and the IUCN, are hosting the global environmental Olympics – the World Parks Congress – an event dedicated to the protection, sustainability and ongoing administration of global protected areas.

As part of the event, which will be hosted in Sydney from 12 to 19 November, the World Parks Congress team is also calling on people around the world to submit their images to a global nature photography competition called SAVED.

People are encouraged to submit their images of nature, including images of whales from Australia’s eastern coastline, to SAVED for the chance to win big prizes! These include:

  • Specialist Category – $15,000
  • Enthusiast Category – $3,000
  • Instagram Category – $3,000
  • Youth Category – $3,000

From professional photographers to budding Instagrammers – everyone can enter for the chance to win.

What are you waiting for? Check out the SAVED Global Nature Photography Competition now!

We’re looking forward to seeing your amazing whale pics!

Saved Nature Photography Competition

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