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8 Great Reasons To Stay at Green Cape

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Green Cape Lightstation Keeper's Cottage. Photo: N.Cubbin/OEH

Green Cape in Ben Boyd National Park, near Eden is simply one of the best places in New South Wales to enjoy the whale migration season. If you’re lucky enough to be nearby, it makes a perfect daytrip, but it’s also well worth the effort for a weekend or longer stay. Green Cape is remote, yet accessible, and there’s plenty to see and do—from spotting whales, dolphins and other marine and animal life to hiking some of NSW’s most pristine coastline. Top it off with a stay at one of the historic Green Cape Lightstation Keeper's Cottages for an experience you won’t soon forget.

1. See the Green Cape Lightstation and Lookout

The Green Cape Lightstation resides on a point of land projecting from Ben Boyd National Park, 22 kilometres south of Two Fold Bay in Eden. It is the southernmost lighthouse in NSW. From here you can gaze up and down the coast, taking in sweeping ocean views over rocky peninsula. The towering Green Cape Lightstation dominates the landscape—at 29-metres tall it’s the highest lightstation in NSW.

Green Cape Lightstation, Ben Boyd National Park

2. Stay in a heritage Lightstation Keepers’ Cottage

Book in a stay at one of the three Green Cape Lightstation Keepers’ Cottages for a memorably unique getaway. These lovingly restored cottages all feature 3.5-star heritage accommodation with enchanting nautical decor. Each has its own kitchen, dining and lounge room and a verandah that is ideal for sitting and soaking in all the views while you keep your eyes peeled for whales and local, native wildlife, such as bandicoots or red-necked wallabies. It’s a comfortable, romantic base to enjoy all that the area has to offer before returning home to misty sea views and a roaring open fire.

Green Cape Lightstation cottages, Ben Boyd National Park

3. Spot whales, dolphins and more!

Green Cape headland is Australia’s second most eastern point, which means that the whales come very close to shore. On a stay here during migration season you are highly likely to spot multiple whales, as well as dolphins and other marine and animal life. So don’t forget the binoculars!

Humpback breaching near Green Cape Lightstation Keeper's Cottages, Ben Boyd National Park. Photo: Get-Shot by Scott Blanch

4. Stop, see and smell the flora and fauna

Besides being a popular whale watching spot, Green Cape is beloved by bird watchers and animal lovers for its abundance of colourful wildlife. Enjoy spotting goannas, lyrebirds, fur seals, gannets, sea eagles and much more. During October, hundreds of muttonbirds zoom overhead on their annual migration. The amazing animal life is equaled by the wild beauty of the landscape, with its coastal heathlands, open grasslands and tea tree groves.

Seals near Green Cape Lightstation, Ben Boyd National Park

5. Explore rugged Ben Boyd National Park

Located near Eden, with 45km of unspoiled coastline, Ben Boyd National Park is an outdoor paradise, with tranquil fishing spots, whale watching lookouts and beach camping sites. Plus, discover fascinating lessons in history in the stories behind the heritage lighthouse and the park’s Aboriginal middens. There are multiple hiking tracks to explore, from the easier Pambula River walking track to the multi-day Light-to-Light Walk. It's a wonderful place for a day trip or a longer stay at either the Green Cape Lightstation Keepers’ Cottages or camping at Saltwater Creek Campground or Bittangabee Bay Campground.

Ben Boyd National Park, Sapphire Coast NSW

6. Hike the Light to Light Walk

The Light to Light Walk in Ben Boyd National Park is one of the most spectacular in NSW, covering 30km of pristine, rugged coastline. Stretching from Ben Boyd Tower on the southern shores of Twofold Bay to the Green Cape Lightstation, it can be walked in either direction. The sea cliffs along the walk are a sight to behold—their iron-rich red hues beautifully contrasting with the vibrant greens and blues of the ocean and sky. Seeing them glowing red in the morning sunrise makes for a spectacular start to the day. Take in a short, easy section of the walk or take in all of its endlessly changing landscape over two to three days. Be sure to make time to stop for a swim and a picnic at one of the charming, hidden bays, including Leather Jacket, Mowarry and Hegarty’s.

Whale watching from the Light to Light walk, Ben Boyd National Park. Photo: M.Van Ewijk/OEH

7. A remote get away from it all

Although on the mainland, Green Cape feels extremely removed from the rest of the world and certainly from hectic city life. Enjoy the tranquil feeling of dropping down into the end of the earth, in your very own nature’s paradise, with soaring sea cliffs and crashing ocean all around you.

IMAGE – green-cape-lightstation-ben-boyd-aerial-656x388.jpg
Green Cape Lightstation Keeper's Cottage at Ben Boyd National Park

Green Cape Lightstation, Ben Boyd National Park

8. Discover an area rich in history

Ben Boyd National Park and Green Cape are also fascinating for history buffs with their textured pasts. The lighthouse became operational in 1883 and was a manned tower up until 1994, when it became automated. During its 111 years of operation, the lighthouse and its staff witnessed a vast number of shipwrecks. The most famous was the Ly-ee-moon in 1886, a steamer that was wrecked off the point losing 71 lives. Guests at the lightstation receive a free guided tour.

Or, head to the Davidson Whaling Station to learn more about the area’s whaling history. The station was the longest-operating shore-based whaling station in Australia and the last of its type to close down. Protected today as a historic site, the station offers a unique insight into the lives and work of the 19th-century whalers.

Davidson Whaling Station, Ben Boyd National Park

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