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5 reasons to migrate to the NSW coast this winter

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Wild About Whales
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National parks
White sands walk, Chinaman's Beach, Jervis Bay National Park. Photo: D.Finnegan/OEH

Brrrrrr, it’s starting to get chilly out. So tempting to just stay in and hibernate isn’t it? But winter time actually offers so much in terms of outdoor experiences and if you don’t get out amongst it, you’ll never know what you’re missing.

Our gorgeous NSW national parks are dotted all along the NSW coastline and really do offer so many amazing experiences throughout the winter months. The cooler weather brings with it a whole new variety of winter wildlife in our parks and on the water, and there are so many ways to reconnect with nature.

Here’s the top 5 reasons to migrate to the NSW coast this winter:

Catch a whale

Not literally of course, but now is the time to catch their amazing migration as they pass the NSW coastline. It’s early on in the season and there’s already been many sightings of both humpback whales and southern right whales as they head north. Our national parks in NSW offer some of the best coastal vantage points to view the annual whale migration with whale watching top spots found all along the coast, stretching from Byron Bay in the north, to Eden in the south. The annual whale watching season runs from 1 June until 30 November, so winter is the time to really get Wild About Whales


Nothing beats a brisk walk on a cool winter’s day to really invigorate the body and soul.
Take in the glorious fresh air in our NSW national parks where you can discover some truly amazing places on foot with short leisurely trails suited for walkers of all ages and fitness levels, to guided walking tours and tougher multi-day hikes. Check out these great walking experiences in NSW national parks for a round up of some of the best coastal walks on offer.

I spy winter wildlife

The abundant winter wildlife in our national parks really don’t mind the cooler forecast.

As well as the whales, the waters off the NSW coastline are abundant with dolphins with many spotted from the many scenic beaches and headlands throughout our national parks. The waters off Port Stephens on the NSW Central Coast, and Jervis Bay on the South Coast, are particularly good for seeing dolphins.

Seals too can be seen anywhere on the NSW coast, they’re usually just lulling about on their backs with their flippers in the air. Montague Island Nature Reserve on the South Coast near Narooma is packed with hundreds of seals lazing on the rocks at this time of year.

Seabirds also love being out and about in the colder weather. Gannets, albatross and other seabirds including little penguins can be seen from coastal vantages and keep an eye out for forest birds. Honeyeaters and wrens are commonly seen in the flowering heath lands, and the coastal banksias are particularly beautiful at this time of year and provide a rich food source for honeyeaters.

Discovery tours

Ever wanted to join a parks' ranger and enjoy the wonders of our national parks in NSW through their eyes? Take a Discovery tour with walks, talks and tours to gain a fantastic insight into the unexpected delights of our national parks.

Ride the waves

Time to pull on those steamers! If you’ve ever been surfing, then you know that the winter weather can generate some of the best waves of the entire year. The NSW coastline has always been known for its many top surf spots, many of them being located within our national parks, so it’s time to ride the tide in the winter sun.

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