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Blog: Whale tales

Paul Chai journeyed up the NSW coastline during the 2012 whale migrating season. Recount his trip.


Ways to Help Whales

There are a number of ways in which you can help the whales on their annual migration through NSW waters.

Help reduce rubbish

Plastic is a huge problem for whales as well as other marine life. Countless animals die each year through careless disposal of rubbish in our waterways.

Be aware of the consequences of where your rubbish ends up. Plastics can become trapped in a whale’s blowhole, suffocating it.

Be aware when you are on the water

  • Abandon all contact with a whale if there is any sign that it is disturbed or alarmed.
  • Do not separate or scatter a group of whales.
  • Never attempt to feed a whale.
  • Keep at least 100 metres between you and a whale at all times, and keep at least 300 metres away if a calf is present.
  • Ensure your boat speed is reduced and no wake is produced when you are near a whale.

Share your experience

Help spread the word about these amazing marine creatures. Join your friends on a beach, cliff top, or whale lookout and watch one of the great natural wonders, the annual whale migration. Through awareness we can increase conservation protection.

Why not post your whale photos or whale stories on our website for all to see? .


The Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife has a number of fundraising initiatives that allow you to directly donate to help the whales. Donations help to purchase whale disentanglement kits as well as satellite trackers which are essential for the study and protection of these majestic creatures.

Find out more about the Foundation and other whale conservation organisations.

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