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Blog: Whale tales

Paul Chai journeyed up the NSW coastline during the 2012 whale migrating season. Recount his trip.


North (Sydney) Harbour Aquatic Reserve

While Manly Beach is forefront of mind for international travellers, a much smaller portion of the population is aware of the amazing underwater attraction that is North Harbour Aquatic Reserve.  Found just beyond Manly Cove and in between Dobroyd Head and Inner North Head is 260 hectares of protected waterways.

These sheltered bays and inlets provide an amazing seagrass habitat for a multitude of marine life, and during the warmer months, snorkellers and divers are treated to a startling array of tropical fish, carried by the East Australian Current from the Great Barrier Reef.

Top experiences nearby

    * Splurge and spend a special night at Q-Station, Sydney’s first quarantine station.
    * Sydney Harbour National Park parklands can be found to the east and west of the reserve, enjoy a picnic or a bushwalk with family or friends


Vehicle entry fees may apply if access through a national park.

How to get there

From the foreshore or North Sydney Harbour, or from Sydney Harbour National Park.

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