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Other Marine Species

Marine ecosystems are home to an extraordinary range of species, ranging from tiny plankton – which is the base of the marine food web - to large marine mammals like the whales. Like all ecosystems, this is a delicate web and if one species disappears or their numbers decline, catastrophic impacts can be experienced by other marine creatures in the food chain.

Whale watching gives you the opportunity to experience marine ecosystems up close and get a better understanding of how the all the species relate to each other, but for an even closer view, you should consider diving or snorkelling.

When you go whale watching, you’re very likely to see other species that share the ocean with whales, ranging from other mammals like seals and sea lions, to small fish and crustaceans.

Some of the large animals you should look out for when whale watching include:


Fascinating social animals that can be found up and down the NSW coast.


The only species you’ll find in NSW is the Little Penguin, also known as the Fairy Penguin.


NSW waters are home to a variety of shark species.

Marine turtles  

6 of the 7 species of marine turtles found in the world can be found in Australian waters

Sea and Shore birds  

These birds spend most of their life feeding and breeding in the marine environment.

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