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Bronte-Coogee Aquatic Reserve

Just north of Coogee Beach, one of Sydney's most popular surf spots, is the Bronte Coogee Aquatic Reserve.  Home to the blue gropers (the official 'state fish'), there is also currently monitoring projects underway within the boundary of the reserve designed to determine the habitat and residency time of these amazing creatures.

Encompassing Gordon Bay, the aquatic reserve ranges from the southern end of Bronte Beach to the Northern tip of Coogee Beach.  While line fishing is allowed in areas of the reserve, the Blue Groper is protected from the northern end of Clovelly to the southern end of Gordons Bay.

Top experiences nearby

Swim and snorkel with the blue gropers (particularly before noon when the swimmers hit the water).


No park fees apply.

How to get there

The reserve can be accessed through many points, from the north access is via Bronte Road, Bronte; to the south via Arden St Coogee. Additionally the entire reserve can be accessed through the Bondi-Coogee headland walkway.


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