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Port Stephens

Plan your coastal adventure in Port Stephens this whale watching season.

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  • Whale Watching Tours

    Whale-watching tours are a great way to see whales up close. You may also see a variety of other sea creatures, including pods of dolphins who love to swim at the bow of the whale-watching boats. On a whale-watching tour there is a high likelihood you will see the whales, with cruises monitoring sightings and getting information on where the whales are anticipated to be at certain times of the d...

  • Special Offers in Port Stephens

    Check out these awesome whale watching special deals around Port Stephens. Book online and save 20% on a whale watching tour Tamboi Queen Cruises Board the MV Spirit of Port Stephens for a 3 hour Whale Watching cruise from May to mid November and receive 20% off online bookings. ...

  • Whale Watching Guidelines

    Water-based whale watching is very popular in NSW. Unlike Hervey Bay in Queensland, where whales are resting with new-born calves, most humpback whales in NSW waters are actively migrating. Any disturbance by vessels has the potential to affect these animals. Whales require 'personal space', and harassment may severely stress them - possibly causing accidents both for humans and whales if the wha...

  • binoculars bird watching Count Me In!

    This Sunday, Port Stephens will host the 11th annual Community Dolphin Census. We’d like to extend an open invite to anyone who wants to get involved in working alongside National Parks and Wildlife Service staff as well as tour operators to count the area’s resident dolphins. The census aims to understand the population size, location and monitor dolphin behaviour in the port during...

  • Dolphins

    Dolphins are one of the most popular animals in the wild, with their beautiful streamlined bodies, friendly 'smiley' faces and intelligent behaviour. Dolphins are the most abundant and varied of all cetaceans, and can be found in the open ocean, close to the coast in estuaries and in rivers. There are over 40 species of dolphins worldwide. Dolphins are toothed whales and eat a variety of fish, sq...

  • Dolphin (OEH/Wayne Reynolds) Five things you might not know about dolphins

    They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightening... We all know the words to the song right?  And many of us have experienced the joy of seeing dolphins whilst we’re on a whale-watching adventure, gleefully surfing along in the waves, bounding out of the water as if they really are saying hello to us.  But how much do we really know about dolphins? A publication produced by ...

  • Special Offers in Sydney and Surrounds

    Check out these awesome special deals on nature activities and experiences in and around Sydney. Check out the great range of tours Beautiful Tours Australia Amazing dolphin and whale watching day tours to Port Stephens and Jervis Bay. Check out the itinerary and the list of amazing experiences available. ...

  • Special Offers in Port Macquarie

    Check out these awesome whale watching special deals around Port Macquarie. Book a fantastic whale watching tour today Cruise Adventures Check out the latest whale watching and dolphin cruise packages. Get 10% of a cruise Port V...

  • Best Vantage Points

    Land-based whale and dolphin watching is an easy and inexpensive way of seeing whales in their natural environment, as well as a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of our national and marine parks. In Australia we are fortunate to have many land-based sites where whales and dolphins come within metres of the coastline. The most popular spots In NSW, there are numer...

  • South Coast

    Along the coast, spotted gums, hundreds of years old stretch their branches to the sky, while waves crash against deserted beaches. The south coast offers some truly remarkable nature experiences. From the breathtaking Illawarra escarpment to the wildlife wonders of Jervis Bay Marine Park, the South coast never ceases to amaze. The region is also home to many great land based whale watching spots...

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